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If you have a possum problem at your home, you'll need professional possum pest control to get rid of possums completely.

An opossum in the roof might also indicate a problem in your home. Getting rid of possums is no easy job...
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The need for possum control in Pipestem is becoming more and more common as they invade more houses each year. We are seeing more and more possums in the suburbs where they haven’t been seen before. They are now moving into our roofs and ceilings, keeping us awake at night and urinating and defecating everywhere. Not only that possums like fresh fruit and veggies too so the gardens are really coping a hiding. If you’re having these troubles, then you need possum removal in Pipestem.

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Possums will chew through woodwork to gain access to your ceiling. Especially if they have been living there for a while. I have seen them pull chicken wire out of the hole to get back in. If you experience these issues then you need possum removal in West Virginia.

Info On Possum Control

  • Possums live in your roof during the day and go out at night to feed.
  • Possums are very territorial, which means they will fight for their home.
  • Possums are protected in Australia and it is an offence to harm them
  • If you catch or trap a possum you must release it on your property NOT TAKE IT DOWN THE ROAD AND DROP IT INTO THE BUSH
  • Possums will most times return even if you do take them away, that’s if they don’t end up dying in a territorial fight with another possum
  • If left in your roof they can eventually do major damage to your ceiling which will cost you a lot more than the cost of having them removed and the house possum proofed.
  • Just removing a possum won’t fix your problem. If the possum doesn’t make it back another will move in

Now let’s look at some myths about Possums. I continue to here people tell me about things they have tried, to stop possums from staying in their roof. Often it’s the neighbor or friend who has these possum proofing tips.

  • Putting a strong light in the roof
  • using moth balls
  • trying high frequency noises
  • spraying everything from garlic to chillies and White King

The bottom line is that non of these things work.

Playing Possum

The thing with possums is that they will sit, watch and see if anything is going to be dangerous. If it looks OK they will investigate. Keep looking until they work out that everything is OK and they will resume as previous.

Professional Possum Removal In Pipestem

There is really on one way to be certain that possum removal will be successful is to seal the entry point with materials that a possum won’t ever get back through. Be careful of not to trap the possum in your roof.

If a possum has started calling your roof home then there are several possum removal techniques that can be used.

  • Try to relocate the possum to an alternate home by building a strong waterproof home or you can call your local NPWS office.
  • If it’s possible get inside your attic to find where the possum’s nest is located. You should place the nest of the possum in your newly built possum home as this will encourage it to adapt. The possum home can be fixed near a tree in your yard, around 4 meters from the ground so that it is away from the reach of cats and dogs.
  • Use a half banana or apple in the new home to encourage it to investigate. You should also trim any overhanging branches on your tree or near the tree in order to ensure that it does not have access to your roof again.
  • To keep possums away from your roof sprinkle a few quassia chips. This will help to repel possums because these chips come from quassia plants which are usually native to South America and Central America. Most hardware stores and pharmacies sell these chips. You can also order them online. Alternatively, if you are not able to find quassia chips you can repel possums by using eight blocks of good camphor or a two boxes of high quality mothballs spread throughout the roof. However, both camphor and mothballs shouldn’t be used at the same time because they have been known to react with each other.
  • Put a light in your roof’s cavity and keep it on for 3 days and nights. This combo of light and smell will drive most possums out from your roof and perhaps into the home you’ve built for them outside. So, if you do not hear the possum for a couple of nights then you’ve successfully removed it. Then in order to prevent it from returning you should block all the access points to the roof using chicken wire and timber. The best time to block access is at night.

Possum Exterminators in West Virginia

After you have caught a possum it is best to release it back into the woods. However, the problem here is that brush lands hardly every have any vacant territories, so releasing them here would means it would have to compete with other possums for food and shelter in an otherwise unfamiliar territory. You can contact OEH which specializes in relocating possums to other places but it is only as a last resort.

Hire Possum Removal Experts In Pipestem, WV

Providing a home to a possum family is a good way to encourage them to stay and claim your yard as their territory. This possum will then make sure that others do not come close. Making friends with a possum will ensure that you are a part of conversation efforts for this species.

Oddly enough, a possum is categorized as both pest and as a protected animal. Many would agree that its case is one for the books. Not only is it bizarre, to say the least, it also complicates possum removal. As in the case of other pest, which you could just exterminate on the spot, it’s very different when it comes to possums. You have to thread gently when it comes to getting rid of possum.

Possums, despite all the nasty things said about them, does its share in balancing our environment. Huh! Are you surprised… can’t believe what you just read? You want to run over it again? Well, unbelievable as it may seem, the fact remains that it’s true. The reason behind it is because possums love to feed on the likes of snails, mice, cockroaches and even snakes. Possums are the mortal enemy of this ungainly bunch.

Yes, possums are an asset to our environment. They help keep balance the numbers of critters out there. If not for them, these pests will uncontrollably double in numbers in such a fast pace. However, as much as the possums are helping our ecological balance, the fact still remains the same. When it comes in our homes, possums are certified pest in itself.

That is why possum removal became complex as it is. As with other pest, you just have to shoot and kill. Something like that or to that effect. But with possums, you have to thread as gently as possible. Nope, it’s not an exaggeration. As per law requires, you have to capture possums in a safe and humane manner.

Take note – A captured possum in a possum removal must be released in some states – not killed or even injured. It doesn’t end there either. You also have to make sure that they are held in a comfortable cage with adequate food and water during its capture. And here is the kicker; you have to release the possum afterwards in a environment where it is likely to be able to survive.

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